If every Christmas you feel envious of the Prota de Solo at home, this hotel offers you to relive that experience

The Plaza Hotel in New York has decided celebrate the 25th anniversary of Home alone 2 For everything high. Well, actually, he has decided that we are the ones who will celebrate with an adorable vacation package: recreate Kevin McCallister's luxury stay and spend unforgettable Christmas.

All we need to say "yes, I want!" without obstacles to this wonderful plan is to have a father like Kevin's, to lend us his credit card and, above all, to lend us to spend a Christmas holiday at full speed in one of the most luxurious enclaves from Manhattan. Because, we warn, the thing is not going to be cheap.

The Plaza Hotel offers, in addition to a suite like the one that appears in the film, the possibility of dining in the Todd English restaurant a menu specially inspired by the 90s and the film, with large-scale versions of the classic dishes childhood favorites. As well as a photographic experience to follow Kevin's footsteps in New York.

And if all this seems little, the hotel offers extras. Yes, extra-special extras such as touring New York in a limousine like in the movie, special passes to the Empire State Building or access to the Central Park Wollman ice rink. Everything you need to feel inside one of our favorite Christmas movies.

Although the experience is available from December 1, we have time to think about it. Up to ten months we have to think if we want to revive the film. The price? From 758 euros.

In Jared | This is going to be the first hotel in the world dedicated entirely to happiness