Kim Kardashian uses the best strategy to sell her products: undress

If there are things that work, why change them? This is the most recurring thought you have in the thinking head of Kim Kardashian And his entourage. So, if you have to sell a product that bears his name, even if they are glosses, what better than undressing. It doesn't matter that on this side of the Atlantic we have to cover ourselves like onions that she will always find a good time to show her anatomy.

Kim Kardashian is in full campaign of promotion of your beauty line KKWBeauty and precisely this next December 1 their new products go on sale: five matching glosses of five glitter of different shades, which is why, for this promo, Kim has chosen to cover her body with glitter and pose as insinuating, something very in line, things as they are.

Once again, we know for sure, that the Kardahsian is going to stick it with these products As he does with everything he touches, remember that his last earnings from perfumes exceeded $ 10 million in a single day, so now with such an impact campaign, his bulky portfolio will continue to grow.

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