New makeup proposals seen in Zara that promise not to leave anyone indifferent

We do not know if it is a pure trend or own experiments, but every time Zara launches new features on its website the models present us with new makeup techniques that break schemes. With a touch in the style of Euphoria and a lot of fantasy in between, this week the Spanish firm leaves us with Some proposals that could conquer the most daring ... will you try any of these options at home?

A eyeliner able to conquer Lucy Boyton (or Jules Vaughn)

Lucy Boynton is one of those actresses who has conquered us for her presence, her way of dressing and for innovating in the red carpets with her makeup. Like Jules Vaughn (Euphoria), the protagonist of Bohemian Rhapsody has been captivating us throughout this year with perfect proposals to have fun and demonstrate our most original side. It is possible that the Spanish firm has been inspired by it to create this eyeliner hollow (but divine).

The "washed face" comes with gloss finish

If you are one of those who likes to put on makeup to achieve the effect of washed face, this proposal should not be missing on your radar: wet effect, transparent mascara and gloss of lips without color to give light and texture.

Passion for him glitter

If there is anything obvious, it is that the Spanish firm loves eye-catching eye shadows where the effect glitter get all the attention. On a small or large scale, Zara leaves no one indifferent to these three proposals.

Opt for a eyeliner blank to make a difference

Whether to break with the schemes, have fun or try new things, the eyeliner nuclear white color is cool ... And here we have the proof.

Will you implement any of these proposals?

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