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13 times when Kim Kardashian opted for a bra and made it a top

Kim Kardashian has a new obsession and for a few months he has been introducing it to his day to day: bras as a top. Whether lace, transparent or type ninety, this garment so intimate for most, is the jewel in the crown for their outfits of street. With high-rise pants, sports pants or pencil type skirts, the gossip queen leaves everyone knocked out with their combinations.

Sports type

The looks Sports are a constant in the life of the businesswoman and in many of her outings she chooses sports pants and sports bras. Part of the fault is her husband Kanye West: her signature Yeezy creates many garments of this casual style.

The jacket, the best ally

The jackets become the best ally to insinuate but leave nothing uncovered. With a transparent bra with the Gucci double G logo, Kim has worn several outfits (different from each other).

The looks red carpet also adapt to this obsession

Kim Kardashian has proven to have a unique style and looks Red carpet / special events also adapt to this obsession that has been with her for some seasons. During the inauguration of the Balmain boutique in Los Angeles, the celebrity He opted for a jewel skirt of the French designer and combined it with a white bra.

Ribbed type (and in conjunction with the skirt)

The autumn outfits adapt to this strange obsession and are presented in thick fabrics and perfect shades for this season.

The same top for different looks

Noventero and sports type, this white top has been used several times in different looks: day or night (with a gala style), this white bra has become one of his favorites.

An inexplicable styling

We still don't know very well what went through his mind to cover a style of this caliber.

A corset bra

The corset type bras are increasingly famous and Kim wanted to make it clear that she likes to wear this garment as a top. Transparent tulle and turquoise, Kanye West's wife combined it with high-waisted jeans and denim jacket.

Lace bodies also have prominence

We leave the fasteners momentarily since the star of klan Kardashian has shown that bodies They are also part of your casual and day-to-day closet. With sports pants or jeans, this sexy garment is used as a casual top for dining out.

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