Selma Blair poses half-naked and with a shaved head on Instagram to make multiple sclerosis visible

Selma Blair announced that he suffered multiple sclerosis more than a year ago. Since then, he has wanted to share his battle against the disease ready to raise awareness about society. Thus, we have seen her strive to continue her normal life and even attend the last Oscar gala. And although he frequently shares photos where he shows clearly his status, the last snapshot he has uploaded to his feed Instagram has caught the attention of his followers.

This time the protagonist of Cruel Intentions poses half-naked looking in the mirror. Only dressed in a pink and green jacket tweed Chanel type and a crab-shaped bag, the actress keeps her hand on her head and shows her butt slightly out of focus.

Title the photo "Portrait of a lady" and accompanies the caption with a mention to the photographer Creativere Hab NYC and the designer Thom Browne and hashtags "subversive universe" and "barbie".

Although I already have more than 200,000 likes, the image has received comments of all kinds. There are those who are sensitized with their situation but also who do not understand the meaning of the photo.

Hours after uploading, another one that recreated the scene made by the founder of The Loop Loft, Ryan Gruss.

Selma continues to work and fights with all her strength day by day. Shortly after the Oscar ceremony we could see her in an interview in Good Morning America, she has also appeared in the 2019 Netflix series Another Life and has been the cover of People magazine.

Video: Selma Blair BARES her bum! (January 2020).