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Pablo Isla congratulates the Inditex workers with a video that talks about the company's values

The president of Inditex, Pablo Isla, considered the best manager in the world, He wanted to congratulate the holidays to the more than 160,000 employees of the company through a video in which he has highlighted the values ​​on which the textile giant sits, with special emphasis on its cosmopolitan character. With a simple format, and Isla speaking from you to you To the camera, we can also see images of several of the company's production processes, while listening to a message that extols the work of the company's workers as a key to Inditex's success.

The substitute of Amancio Ortega at the head of Inditex thanks the work and effort to his workers and insists on the idea in question "each store as if it were the only store and each customer as if it were the only customer". The video ends highlighting the pride that, says Isla, all workers feel for the project of a "unique company", and with the message in more than twenty languages ​​wishing a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018.

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