You still have time to ask the Kings: 'My black past' closes one of our favorite literary sagas

Like water for Chocolate It is one of the favorite novels of the Latin American narrative which, since its publication in 1989, has attracted readers of all ages and from the most remote corners of the planet. Laura Esquivel was made to beg to continue the story, and she did it in 2016 with Tita's diary, although that was actually a prequel told by another character. The real continuation has come now, and we still have time to include it in our wish list for the Magi.

Your title is My past black and it has gone on sale by the hand of Sum of Letters at the end of November. The story we know in this novel, which ends the saga, is that of Maria, the great-great granddaughter of the remembered protagonists of the original novel, Pedro and Rosaura. After a love failure, he receives precisely Tita's diary. And, through their reading and the hand of those recipes that they converted Like water for Chocolate in the best example of a novel gustatory, Mary You will learn a lot about female emancipation, food addiction or solidarity.

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My last black (Female singular)

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