We have tried Escada Celebrate NOW, the perfume that we regret not having asked for in Reyes

With the arrival of 2018 the body asks for a change in our habits beauty. A new intensive cream, a different lip color or a cologne that makes us leave our comfort zone. You don't know which one to do with all We we have been able to try this week Celebrate The Nature Of Women (N.O.W.) of Escada and we have ended up in love with it, both for his look As for its aroma.

Celebrate N.O.W of Escada is, according to the firm itself, "a completely new perspective on the perfume that seeks to show the world through the eyes of modern women and their optimistic view of life. It is a unexpected, optimistic and extraordinarily feminine colony. "Its main ingredients are cinnamon and tonka bean, with a very earthy touch and vintage.

  • Output notes: Spiced ginger, which stimulates the senses from the beginning with a very lively and sparkling effect.
  • Heart notes: magnolia flower, which brings a lot of strength, intensity and sumptuousness to the final perfume.
  • Background notes: cinnamon stick and tonka bean, sweet and powerful for a very earthy and appetizing finish.

I have been using Celebrate NOW de Escada as a day-to-day colony for more than two weeks now and I have been stopped a couple of times in the street to ask myself what my colony was, so I can say that the uniqueness of which it speaks The signature is real. Its aroma has been intense due to cinnamon and magnolia, but without being too sweet because ginger compensates for the mixture. An equilibrium that may seem heavy at the beginning but is immediately softened with a fresh and spring finish.

Its texture is perfume, refreshing but with a heavier touch than cologne. Its aroma lasts a long time on the skin, gradually changing to give way to each of the notes offered by this product. As for the packaging, its design is feminine, romantic and very spring, with flower petals stamped inside the transparent bottle that achieves a beautiful effect when it gives light.

"The bottle is a tribute to the nature of women. Valeria Nascimento, a talented Brazilian ceramic artist, was inspired by her characteristic floral shapes sculpted for the creation of the precious and delicate ceramic lanterns that adorn the bottle. All of it turned into a work of art worthy of exposure. Lanterns made to measure by Valeria, literally and symbolically inspiring, are an emblem of positivism and femininity. "

Product rating Celebrate N.O.W of Escada

  • Packaging: 10/10
  • Aroma: 9/10
  • Duration: 10/10
  • Price: 8/10 (50 euros on Amazon).

In short, if you are looking for a feminine, intense and captivating perfume To change the chip of your scent a bit for this year, Celebrate The Nature of Women of Escada is an ideal option (in addition to having a name of the most girlpower).

The product was provided for the Escada test. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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