Carnival Row and nine other Netflix, Movistar + and Amazon Prime Video series and movies that are released this week (August 26-31)

We have been dreaming of the 30th of August for the whole month. One of the strongest bets of the year is released for Amazon Prime Video, the series with Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom as protagonists.

But Carnival Row It won't be the only thing that opens this week. These are all the premieres of original series and movies that we can enjoy from August 26 to 31 on Netflix, Movistar + and Amazon Prime Video.

Four Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix series that are released this week (August 26-31)

The Affair (Season 5)

The final season of this series, for many something controversial but certainly very interesting, finally comes to the screens. This time Anna Paquin (True blood) joins its protagonists to close this series on infidelity and broken marriages that have been so successful in the Showtime, the original network in which it is broadcast.

  • Where? Movistar +
  • When? 26 of August

Working mothers (Season 3)

The third season of this Canadian series on motherhood in modern times, wants to make us laugh as much as it did in its previous seasons. It's fun and shows a real motherhood and above all a vital issue for women today: reconciliation and all the problems that exist around that issue. Of course, in a humorous way.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? August 29

Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance

Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance return to the world of Thra with a completely new adventure. When three gelflings discover the terrible secret of the power of the Skeksis, they embark on an epic journey to ignite the flame of rebellion and save their world. This animated prequel is perfect for all those nostalgic that like us, enjoy content that brings us closer to childhood.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? August 30th

Carnival Row

Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom star in this fantasy series that we really want to see. A Victorian drama set in a fantasy world in which beings of different species must live together.

Rycroft Philostrate is a human detective and Vignette Stonemoss, a fairy, and they are the protagonists of a beautiful love story that will bring them more of a problem when Rycroft begins to investigate a series of rough murders. Only with the trailer we have already wanted more.

  • Where? Amazon Prime Video
  • When? August 30th

The original Netflix movie that we most want this week (from August 26 to 31)

Love in works

Gabriela does not go through her best moment. His life in San Francisco falls apart when he loses his job and his partner, so decides to participate in a raffle to win a rural hotel in New Zealand you change your life. The surprise comes when he wins and when he goes to pick it up he realizes that nothing is what it seems, neither in love.

This romantic comedy starring Christina Milian and Adam Demos is the typical story of a city girl who decides to change her life for a rural one. A fun time with a classic plot.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? August 29

Three series and two films that also premiere on Netflix this week (August 26-31)

  • Styling Hollywood (August 29) TV show on Netflix
  • 13 Commandments (August 30) Netflix series
  • Vis a Vis T3 (August 30) Netflix series
  • Sextuplets (August 30) Original movie on Netflix
  • The big class (August 30) Original movie on Netflix

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