Hilary Duff returns to be Lizzie McGuire in a new installment of the series (now with 30 years and in New York)

Attention lovers of the 2000 series, because one of the great returns to our lives. Lizzie McGuire will bring Hilary Duff back to the small screen and it's not a new broadcast as Netflix has done with The prince of Bel Air. Now Lizzie is 30 years old, lives in New York and has her dream job. But, of course, it is the usual Lizzie McGuire and will soon get into trouble.

The now well-known actress has rejoined Disney to launch this sequel to her series in format streaming, although there is no release date yet. “Lizzie has her dream job as an apprentice interior designer, which is very important for her. It also has a cute little apartment in Brooklyn and will celebrate his 30th birthday with all his friends”Says Hilary Duff about this return to her character.

This birthday party will be the perfect excuse to see the whole gang reunited again. Miranda may even appear, remember? The one that left for Mexico just before graduation. Too we could see Gordo and Lizzie together again, although those who expect to see them in a relationship at the beginning of the series will be surprised: Lizzie is engaged to a restaurant chef cool of SoHo!

And no, we don't know if that cook is the same young man that Lizzie kissed on a rooftop in Rome last time in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Nor do we know which characters from the original series will return, except for the animated Lizzie. She's nice Lizzie McGuire version in cartoons will accompany to the protagonist, although she is still 13 years old and will think and act as she did in the past.

The very protagonist said in an interview that her life was about to turn upside down. And although he did not give details, he said that "the dreams that everyone has for Lizzie will be fulfilled throughout the series." All while continuing to represent a generation, reflecting the problems, concerns, fears and dreams of women in their 30s as well as he did in his 13. Yes, with a much larger dressing room.

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