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Style keys to get a perfect Parisian look in summer

The perfect look Summer comes from Paris. Jane Birkin, Anna Karina or Jeanne Damas, as icons to follow before and now, are some of the most stylish women that are worth inspiring if we talk about Parisian style and more specifically a look Parisian in summer.

French women are considered one of the most elegant. Its style key lies in dressing in a simple and very natural way, Many times with basics, and get a very sophisticated result.

Parisian look in summer with sailor shirt

Some jeans, navy or white pants, with a sailor shirt It is a simple combination of basic but ideal and always successful. A perfect and comfortable look Parisian summer. Striped shirts, gold buttons and navy blue are the perfect standard bearers navy Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel was the pioneer in incorporating it into the women's wardrobe, a classic that endures today.

Parisian look in summer with a boho dress

The same happens if we bet on a boho style maxi dress, a romantic piece that gives off that chic French needed to get a street-style impeccable.

Parisian look in summer: naive look

In line with style boho another of the style keys of a look Parisian in summer are the style garments naive Romantic and easy to wear. A dress or a top are two of her must. The French are not looking for trends but style. His golden rule is the style épurée: discretion, the less is more, the austere but elegant.

Parisian look in summer: petite robe noire

And as they look for the style with simple models at the same time as with an original touch, in their closet there is never a lack Petite Robe Noire. The black dress is a basic wardrobe that never fails.

Parisian look in summer with beret

We cannot forget the star accessory. The French berets or caps, without a doubt the complement that best identifies with this style, even in summer.

The colors of a Parisian look in summer

The main colors of a look Parisian in summer they are white and ocher, in addition to the classic and always successful black. During the summer time they also leave room for floral prints and some more striking tone in original and different pieces.

Video: 10 wardrobe essentials for French style. "Parisian chic". Justine Leconte (January 2020).