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These are the three ways to keep wearing cycling tights when autumn arrives

If you are one fashion victim without remedy, surely this summer you have already fallen into the temptation of the most complicated trend. Short cycling tights have been the great feeling, creating looks Very ninety. But that autumn comes does not mean its extinction, because with these three formulas of street style to take them at halftime They still have a lot of jogging ahead.

To the office with cycling tights and blazerthe combo Item

If there is a repeated master formula to satiety it is to bring the shorts cyclists with oversized blazer. And is that these male jackets in their format plus XL promise to be the big stars of autumn, creating looks very working girl and amazing. Will you dare to go to the office in tights of Lycra? We say go ahead!

Cycling tights and sweatshirts, the combo athleisure from Lady Di

The three plus size sweatshirts have won the hearts of the lovers of the athleisure, ensuring comfortable and off-road styling for any afternoon plan. Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Kim Kardashian are addicted to them. Why are you sweatshirts boyfriend so wonderful are the epitome of the noventero style, so fashionable these days. Even Princess Diana wore this look non-stop!

We face halftime with sweaters oversize and cycling tights

We have several reasons to take the autumn with desire, like the new collections or the arrival of the Fashion Weeks. But retrieve our knitted sweaters oversize It is the best of all, so warm and appetizing. There are not many days in the year in which we can wear them with shorts in a realistic way, so to those days of September with changing temperatures you have to take advantage of them.

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