Street style

It seems Mad Max, but it is the Burning Man, an art and music festival that brings the craziest outfits of the year (and that you won't believe)

Although the Burning Man festival 2019 it's over, since the Nevada Desert we keep getting more Inspiring Mad Max outfits. The reason is that this music and art festival promotes recycling, collective participation, and also that we forget social networks to focus on the mystical experience of the festival.

So people who have attended the annual meeting with the Burning Man Festival He still uploads his most radical photos.

The sculptures and assemblies of the guest artists become part of the landscape of the end of the world. In addition, interaction with them is promoted from the organization. So you get even more impressive photos.

It is a festival that has nothing to do with any other. The destroyer look, military boots, glasses and headdresses coexist with a most radical sensuality.

People make their own vehicles to walk among the sculptures, create your own accessories to complete the look and merges in symbiosis with the wild nature of the desert.

In Burning Man an own aesthetic has been created that is difficult to find in other festivals and that gives it a unique personality and originality.