The contraceptive pill for them could be closer to being a reality

We have been reading for a long time about the efforts being made to find a solution in this area, but these are the first encouraging results. Although still is in experimental phase, any progress in the field of the male contraceptive pill is good news.

It’s called Dmau, a diminutive of the words dimetandrolone and undecanoate, and could become the first effective oral contraceptive pill for men. All news considering that attempts to develop male pills previously had not had very good results.

As we said, it's still about a very initial phase, although with promising results. After a study conducted in the United States, specifically with a collaboration between the University of Washington and the Harbor-Ucla medical center of the University of California and with a sample of 83 men between 18 and 50 years old, the researchers detected a marked suppression of the levels of testosterone and two hormones necessary to produce semen.

According to Dr. Stephanie Page we are talking about concentrations consistent with contraceptive results really effective, but it is still necessary to conduct long-term studies and checks to make sure that taking Dmau daily can definitely block the production of semen and, therefore, become a truly effective contraceptive system that we have been waiting for so long.

The question we cannot avoid asking ourselves is whether this pill will also have those annoying side effects that some women know so well. At the moment, the team of researchers has stated that there have been very few participants in this study who have experienced the typical symptoms associated with the lack or excess of a certain hormone, where weight gain is one of the most known consequences and that for so long women have suffered in silence. We will continue this research with great interest and wishing that a definitive effective treatment can be announced soon.

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