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Instagram now allows you to share posts in our 'stories' (at last)

It's over that up to stories a capture of each new post we make on Instagram and add one of the famous gifs from "new post". With its latest update, the social network makes the interaction between static publications and stories, something you missed so far. And, finally, We can share each new publication we make directly in a story, saving us the hassle of screenshot and various ornaments to try to attract whoever sees our stories to the new post of our profile.

And not only that, because they will not be the only publications that we can share stories. Also anyone we like from other users. To do this, we just have to click on the paper airplane icon that appears below each publication and select the option "add publication to your story". Further, we can add the text, drawing or stickers usual in any story. But, in addition, if we do not want anyone to share the publications we make in the form of stories, we can deactivate this option in the "History settings> Shared content". All advantages, right?

In Jared | Instagram: why don't you love me like before? (or how the algorithm has changed and how it affects us)