11 refreshing eye makeups you'll want to wear this summer

With the arrival of good weather there is nothing you want more than leaving the dark tones aside to replace them with more refreshing and summer versions.

And if there is an area of ​​the face that gives a lot of play when betting on more fun tones, those are the eyes. The possibilities are many, ocher tones to match the summer light, fluoride to refresh the look, metallic finishes or two-color delineated for the most daring looks ... If you still do not know how to combine them correctly here we leave you 11 ideas with which you will hit right this summer.

The blue tones are the ones that we are going to find, first because they are refreshing, they remind us of the sea and the pool and on top they look great especially if they look like the model does Sonia Ben Ammar in an intense eyeliner made with liquid eyeliner.

The model Sara Sampaio It is one that bores us nothing with their looks, one day bets on powerful red lips and the other for an indigo blue look with shadows applied to the temples. A refreshing result and more if combined with a wet effect hair. It is cool, right?

Kristen Stewart hit with these blue shadows in different shades of metallic finish. With such a powerful and original look, it doesn't take much more to lift any look.

An even more sugarcane option is that of Alison Brie He has made up his eyelids in a very unobtrusive neon green that at the same time can work great if you only opt for this tone and is accompanied with a more sober makeup. Great for summer festivals.

Another proposal that I love is that of Chloë Grace Moretz, a colorful and sweet makeup in equal parts and very harmonious throughout. Blue and pink shadows for the look where there is no lack of the blue eyelash mask and to accompany extra juicy pink lips.

The delineated of Cleopatra is reinvented by the hand of Dua Lipa, a bicolor black and blue outline for a powerful look cat-eyes. The special touch is that it also combines the mascara in blue and black.

Hailey Baldwin He offers us a lilac look with soft pink shadows and a lilac upper eyelid, a perfect result if the eyes are combined with soft lips.

Also in lilac but in a more intense version is that of Olivia Munn with shadows applied to the upper and lower eyelids and very well combined with blush and pink lipstick. A very makeup of the catwalks of the 90s.

The green seawater is also a perfect shade for this time of year and more if you have a little color, you just have to see how good it feels for Priyanka Chopra. The shadows in this pretty green along with peach shadows, a very flattering combination.

Lucy Hale bet on a total look In pink tones to match your hair, your green eyes intensify with this beautiful caramel pink with an iridescent finish. The result very flattering and candi.

If yours are sunny tones you will love this makeup of Jennifer Lopez which combines ocher and terracotta shadows, an ideal look to accompany a total make up tan and achieve a more sophisticated result.