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They are 'cool', they have millions of followers and a message for everyone: nine 'influencers' with disabilities to admire

Fashion is becoming, over the years, an increasingly inclusive sector. The standard beauty that reigned for decades is now only one of the available options and, little by little, people with physical aspects that go out of the norm or with different disabilities find their place on the catwalks or in advertising campaigns. And if we know anything, it's that fashion moves on Instagram. And there a few reign bloggers whose disabilities do not prevent them from showing their style and spread its message of inclusion and visibility. These are our favorites:

Michelle Roger

She defines herself on her Instagram account as "disabled and fabulous." And yes it is. Despite suffering from dysautonomia, an alteration of the nervous system that presents different symptoms in patients and that sometimes forced to use a wheelchair and sometimes a caneMichelle is a great fashion lover, who shows her style in her images. In addition, she works as a motivational speaker, writer and blogger.

Margo Gignac

Margo Gignac is an actress and model whose training comes from the world of dance. A dream that was truncated for her at twenty, in 2011, when an accident left her quadriplegic. Since then, he has acted in three films and created his Instagram account to show the world his looks from street style, in which the functionality is not at odds with the style.

Lauren Wesser

Lauren Wesser's case has run rivers of ink in fashion and health publications. The model suffered from Toxic Shock Syndrome, a medical condition associated with the use of tampons, for which he suffered an infection that involved the amputation of one of his legs in 2012 and the other, because of the aftermath, in January of this year. But she was a model before that happened and has continued to be so, and showing it on Instagram, during these years.

Sitting Pretty

Following the pseudonym of Sitting Pretty, his YouTube channel, Instagram account and store on-line, we find Lolo, a wheelchair user who calls herself "influencer of disabled lifestyle ". He started with makeup tips, but, seeing that he had more and more followers, he decided to use his influence to make visible and normalize the presence of people with different disabilities in the world beauty and fashion

Claire Freeman

Claire Freeman is a PhD student, philosopher, speaker and New Zealand researcher who, at seventeen, he suffered a spinal cord injury due to an accident of traffic. In his blog he talks about the emotional difficulties to face his partial tetraplegia and in his Instagram account he shows that it is not necessary to give up the style because of being a wheelchair user.

Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone is a true example of the positive in the world influencer. Tetraplegic since the age of fifteenWhen he suffered a car accident, he acknowledges having suffered depression since then. Until the makeup was crossed in his life and served as psychological therapy, and also physical, as it allowed him to exercise the movement of his hands. The video in which he told his experience accumulates more than six million views and in his Instagram account more than 150,000 followers follow his outfits. He has also told all his experience in the book My Beautiful Struggle.

Madison Lawson

Madison suffers, as a child, two different kinds of muscular dystrophy, which has had her almost all her life in a wheelchair and with different associated health problems. Because of his short stature and low weight, he continues to buy his clothes in children's stores, but he decided to start his Instagram account because, he says, he was always considered by others, since childhood, "a girl with a lot of style" before "a girl in a wheelchair".

Julia Torla

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." They are the words of Julia Torla, a Polish model who being a wheelchair user has not prevented her from fulfilling her dream of working in the fashion world. In fact, it has been facilitated, as he rose to fame in his country in 2014 by becoming Miss Poland in a wheelchair and, after that, he has continued to work as a model on a regular basis.

Paola Antonini

A true phenomenon in networks and maybe the blogger which has given more visibility to the beauty of disability. Paola is a 24-year-old Brazilian model who, at 21, suffered the complete amputation of her left leg after being run over by a drunk driver. Instead of sinking, he decided to thank him that he was still alive and dedicate his career to inspire other people to love their bodies, they are as they are. Since then, 2.2 million people follow her on Instagram, more than 100,000 on Facebook and more than 200,000 on her YouTube channel.

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