Stretch marks become the most 'positive body' trend of the summer: it's Boohoo's turn

For some time now we are seeing how many fashion brands are betting on more diverse models within the trend body positive. ASOS presenting models with michelines on the back, Missguided without hiding the birthmarks on the skin ... And now it is Boohoo who surprises us (these measures still surprise us), leaving the stretch marks of one of their models as they are, without retouching or concealing them. And many people are applauding the measure.

We had already seen ASOS take the same measure and now it is the British brand Boohoo that has made this decision. It was a Facebook user who drew attention to the new situation and its post it soon became viral, with almost 70,000 shares, more than 100,000 likes and 3,600 comments.

I find this so amazing! That even on a massive clothing brand like Boohoo they haven't photoshopped away the models…

Posted by Cheryl Adele on Thursday, June 21, 2018

And we say "new situation" because on the brand's website you can still see others images of the same model with retouched stretch marks.

But, as we have seen in the new images of swimsuit models that Boohoo is starting to use on its website, the retouching has gone down in history and the models that have stretch marks will wear them without complexes. Precisely what many social network users are applauding: that with the visibility of defects of the models help many people to free themselves from their own complexes.

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