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The perfect guest at a wedding day also dresses in a skirt and blouse

More and more couples are deciding go through the altar during the month of September-October, thus becoming the high season for bridal events. Achieve the ideal styling to become the perfect guest It's not easy, but it's not impossible either. Today we show you different options for day weddings (although they are valid for night events) where the skirt and blouse They become the perfect match.

Outfits for a day wedding with skirt and blouse

Bet on the sequins

With a sleeveless blouse and a sequined tube skirt we will be able to be original without neglecting elegance. The paillettes They are perfect for outfits holidays and help make a difference with very little.

The classic combination of black and white always works

If you like the combination of blouse + skirt but do not know where to start, opt for a classic and elegant version. These types of styles are a sure success that never disappoint.

Dare to mix groundbreaking styles

The originality comes from the hand of blouses with volumes and strategic gatherings. To curl the curl, combine these types of bodies with an asymmetric and pleated skirt: originality will make you achieve a look groundbreaking (and wonderful).

The elegance of an impolute white shirt

It doesn't take much to succeed: with a long maxi skirt (plain or patterned) and a classic white shirt we will be perfect - literally.

Bet on a total look

Choose a different color and vary in shades - as well as fabrics. Mauve, pink, green or yellow become the perfect tones for the season.

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