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What should I wear today ?: 11 pieces of the ARKET sale that will take you out of trouble

The youngest of the signatures of the Swedish giant H&M is a safe bet on sale. His garments, conceived as timeless basics, set in a snap of fingers the perfect wardrobe. Further, discounts do not fall below 50%.

If you like the nordic style and you are aware of the power of neutral colors and minimalist lines, these sales have to be yes or yes on your list. One thing is clear, investing in any of your clothes will save you more than one look. Because if they stand out for something it is for their ability to make possible "dress simple and uncomplicated", as well proclaims the philosophy of the brand.

One point in its favor is that most of its catalog is made up of organic and recyclable materials.

We stay with him beige as the main tone in infinite versions, the classic White shirt with a twist and the cotton dresses. Functional garments with infinite maximization possibilities and a lot of style. Do we start

Skirt midi fluid pareo type in beige from ARKET 69 euros 34 euros

What we like most? It is made of 100% recycled polyester and is adjustable.

ARKET green knit long skirt 59 euros 18 euros

What we like most? Its straight cut and how comfortable it looks to be. The shy vertical lines of the point are very flattering.

Violet tunic dress with puffed sleeves from ARKET 99 euros 30 euros

What we like most? Organic cotton gives an elegant feeling and the round neckline hides an opening in the back. A dress to be able to resort a summer night.

ARKET mini shirt with front zip and shirt collar 89 euros 45 euros

What we like most? Being made in technical taffeta brings a minimal feeling and very straight lines.

White poplin blouse and geometric effect by ARKET 49 euros 25 euros

What we like most? The upper volume contrasts with the adjusted waist and is super arty combined with jeans.

Dress midi architectural color finish beige from ARKET 115 euros 58 euros

What we like most? Its panel cut and elastic fabric while armed. The A-shape of her skirt is very flattering.

Short sleeve shirt jumpsuit with ARKET front pockets 150 euros 75 euros

What we like most? It is a female version of the male suit. The classic and elegant air of its design with wide leg and narrow waist is super appetizing.

Black elastic pants fuseau with rubber under the foot of ARKET79 euros49 euros

What we like most? Inspired by ski pants brings a very good point trendy to looks basic. If you get tired of the rubbers, you can remove them.

Off-the-shoulder dress with drawstring at the waist in orange from ARKET 79 euros 40 euros

What we like most? Its relaxed roll and light feeling perfect for summer.

Burgundy dress midi long sleeve with tight body and boat neckline from ARKET 89 euros 29 euros

What we like most? Its cut with a slim waist and a flowing skirt makes it perfect both for going to a meeting and for a day of shopping plus casual. In addition, the fabric is composed of organic cotton.

Navy blue shirt jacket with adjustable waistband and contrasting mother-of-pearl buttons from ARKET 99 euros 50 euros

What we like most? It is very versatile and can be used as a shirt or jacket. For more inri, the front has three pockets that never go wrong.