Emma Watson will replace Emma Stone in the next "Little Women" movie

Little Women It is one of those classics of literature and cinema that we never tire of reading or seeing. There have been great film versions of the story, from the thirties to the BBC miniseries at the end of last year, but the expectation that the version that Greta Gerwig (director of Lady bird) exceeds all expectations. We already know some names of what will be the cast responsible for playing the March family. And today we get the news of a change between the initially confirmed actresses.

It seems that the role of Meg, the oldest and most responsible of the sisters, is destined to be played by a Hollywood star named Emma. Until now we thought it would be Emma Stone, but the protagonist of La La Land It has fallen out of the cast "due to unknown circumstances," as reported by several US media today.

And who will be responsible for replacing it? Nothing more and nothing less than Emma Watson, who seems destined to play our favorite literary heroines, after being Hermione Granger in the eight films of the saga Harry Potter. She will join a cast of stars formed by Meryl Streep or Saoirse Ronan, among other. Filming will begin next month and the film will be released throughout 2019, so we have many months of expectation (and news!) To open our mouths before watching it at the cinema.

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