He wears the tight jeans over his knee and the street style shows that it looks so good

The return to September is loaded with good news. New trends arrive that promise to raise our closet and looks halftime are the funniest of the year. Especially if you dare with clothes as bold as the one we bring today: he Jean cut above the knee. It seems impossible, but it's that good.

The stigma of the shorts above the knee has already been broken by the cycling mesh, which will also continue to war this fall. But if that lycra fabric doesn't convince you too much, you can always opt for its version denim, because tight jeans are now cut at the knee and look frayed with the best styling.

It is not a fairy tale, we are seeing it repeated in the street style over and over again, setting the trend. It is worn with sweatshirts boyfriend and XL shirts. But also it has made its way into the style more working and sophisticated, with blazers ideal to mark estilazo in the autumnal looks of office.

The newest and most daring trends are always welcome. A breath of fresh air in our dressing room! But with a little inspiration from the most stylish streets in the world we encourage ourselves more and better to launch ourselves to try them. You have a Jean what do you not use anymore? Take hold of the scissors and turn it into the cowboy Item.

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