Six ways to wear a lingerie blouse in all your outfits that you might not have thought about

Having a lingerie blouse in the closet is having a treasure. Why They are super versatile garments that match from January to August, if we combine them correctly. We can give them a look more sophisticated and sexy thanks to its satin fabric and lace details. Or we can turn them into off-road tops that elevate the most relaxed outfits. Do you know how to play with yours and squeeze it to the fullest? With these six options you will become the perfect ally.

Wear your lingerie blouse in format total look

It is not necessary to complicate life too much to go perfect to any party or event. Especially if we have the ace of the lingerie blouse on the sleeve and we know how to use it. Because a styling in total look Monochromatic is always a successful round, easy to get and very effective. Especially if we bet on chic colors like black or gray, which give us more sophistication. The top will take care of putting on the sexy touch without thinking too much about the outfit.

We took the lingerie blouse to the office with a blazer on top

The lace-up and edged tank top may seem too sexy to go to the office. But addicts to this garment know well how to fit it even in their looks more working girl. Because with a blazer on top, this blouse it becomes only a lingerie detail that appears above the jacket buttoned, giving rise to a sophisticated and very professional styling with a touch of trend.

Play it with the layers: the lingerie blouse on a white t-shirt

Yes dresses slip they became more millennial and sports with a white shirt underneath, the lingerie blouses follow this same standard fashion. Because our satin tank top relax your sexy and daring effect by wearing another underwear Short or long sleeve, creating very original contrasts and giving you many more possibilities of looks to the lingerie blouse.

The winning combo: lingerie blouse and good jeans

If you do not want to complicate your life and prefer to dress on insurance, there is no more effective and winning combo than the satin lingerie blouse and jeans that feel like a glove. You will only have to add some good sandals or heels, some pretty pendant around the neck andboom! Lookazo Timeless that will always fall in love.

We get comfortable for halftime without losing style

The sweaters and cardigans oversize They are one of those appetizing garments that we do not get rid of when the cold season comes. But sometimes they can be too relaxed and comfy, when what we are looking for is a look more sophisticated Put on a lingerie blouse under it! He contrast boho-chic of both garments It's obsession on Instagram.

If you still want to savor summer in your looks, do it with the colors that succeed

Many of us have our lingerie blouse in black, the sophisticated and sexy color that we know will always fit in our looks. But if we want our closet to keep knowing summer a little more, we can always bet on cooler and seasonal hues. Pastel colors, khakis and earth tones will continue to enhance your tan.

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