Operation, face the turn. Do you need any advice or are you ready?

The return vacation makes us face, not only to reality, but also the Outcome of our actions and joy ... In most cases it is clear that the time comes for repair and take careHowever, doing it effectively requires Will and some tricks that facilitate the task. If I tell you this, it is because, in some cases, autumn causes a small break in the good mood

Are you one of those you don't suffer? !! Congratulations!! But you must know that you are the exception to the rule. In the event that you are succumbing to this post-vacation syndrome, you should know that it is essential to maintain a good disposition and change the chip so that everything, both your emotional and physical part, continues to shine. If the mind is strong and receptive, the routine avatars that fall brings will not get in the way we are now starting. Are we going for it?

The power of a smile

Summer memories should be "handled" by Positive way, instead of allowing nostalgia to give way. The formula is to use them in the personal balance to accept the new challenges as part of the adventure.

If he stress It is one of your usual allies, do not let its effects invade you. Rehearse one New formula: when a situation arises that you assume will alter you, think: "This is exciting". A way to give a different order to your brain that can give another vision-reaction under the circumstance.

Smile change everything, accept the day to day with your stumbling blocks and successes is key to change the own attitude and the third party reaction. If patience is not your forte, it is a month of purposes, so try to work it as an exercise. When things do not come to the first, it should be accepted that a result comes from its different phases, it is a process. Enjoy the tour and do not lose that part of your life just waiting for the result.

Pamper yourself

Beware, always do it for you. Do not let the laziness or misfortune can with you, take the obstacles, those extra kilos or the physical change that occurs after the summer as a new opportunities to improve, as part of the road, with its ups and downs, its straight and curves , to enjoy the present and relax you.

Hydrate your skin even more in change. In September, it seems that the brightness and glare goes out at times, but the first thing we must attend to that uncomfortable feeling that we feel now that our skin is not smeared in solar and moisturizing products. Taking care of that step from wet to dry weather can be made more bearable if you use enriched water vaporizers. A plus to our hydration and well-being to choose, with hyaluronic acid the Eau Cellulaire of Institut Esthedermwith vitamin C the Brume Eclat that of MY Payot or the unbeatable Eau Thermal de Avène They are some of the ones I've tried and I like them.

Now it is important to have an ally that brings a plus hydration and light to our usual treatment. In this step to the fall I am testing the new Skin Illuminating Brightening Hydragel Cream from Elizabeth Arden, suitable for all skin types, it turns out ultrahydrating, it has a very gel texture refreshing and light, and power the brightness, something essential because during the holiday turns it seems to go out. The 50 ml container is priced at 85 euros.

Don't neglect the body nutrition, I know that many of you are lazy to apply a cream or oil when the swimsuit is parked, but now, more than ever, it becomes indispensable because repair, rehydrate and preserve the color that cost us so much to achieve.

It is time to monitor the hair Y to correct issues like hydration and color. This is essential after the holidays, the wicks are oxidized, the dyes are lightened and what seemed attractive under the sun, leaves much to be desired in the light of the routine. Ideal to use masks and oils to repair and return flexibility and good looks. They restore the hair fiber content, and shine. My advice? Apply at least 2 times a week, strand by strand. I recommend a novelty, Precious Hair Care Oil that belongs to the new line Sisley Hair Rituel… A before and after for hair and sensations.

Do not discard cut if necessary, and combat the fall by a topical treatment anti fall and a vitamin supplement. Nutritional supplements in the diet guarantee hair growth and reduce their fall and weakening.

Take care of the food

You know it's normal increase an average of 5 kg in summer? We all have something to regret, but we also know that in the same situation, we would do the same again, so there is no need to go around and solve. Must to correct the excesses mentalizing what we really want. To continue giving us whims, probably ends with a change in size, which is obviously an option that, when the time comes, many choose. If for now, you don't want to make that decision, I imagine that you do want to put on your pants and jackets again without that awkward feeling that the clothes have shrunk. In that case, it's just a matter of applying the common senseWe all know what we should do and what not, and only we can do it correctly.

Look for a Balance, the proteins we eat in our diet are directly involved in our weight and health, it is essential not to suppress the consumption of proteins, vitamins of group B, magnesium and zinc. It will seem like a lie, but only the attention and willingness are enough for repair and get amazing results.

What are you thinking about?

Moisturize your skin, perfume yourself, use your advantages to feel good and take care of yourself, helps fight the shock that most of us suffer during the return vacation. Use cosmetics that provide you wellness, put on music, walk, get the most out of the days, keep a good disposition and a smile ... If you like this season, extend it! May summer remain in your attitude!

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