Rihanna's (bizarre) manicure that won't leave anyone indifferent

Rihanna It is one of those celebrities who know how to create impact at all levels, not being exempt from the field of beauty, of course! Of course there are times that directly leaves us speechless as with the manicure he has worn for the magazine magazine report that has left us completely stunned.

Jenny Longworth has been responsible for creating this manicure not even suitable for daily life (I do not see myself typing on the computer with her, honestly ...). Thus, we see some extra long gel nails, enameled in gold and with a very ornate and very rocambolesque nail-art (if you allow us the expression), we are going to be patidifusas. Over there, we do not pass, we are very clear.

Of course, beyond the manicure, what they hallucinate us are the lips in that electric blue that obviously only a few could look so good, including Rihanna.

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