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Movistar + brings the Skam phenomenon to Spain: the successful teen series that you can follow in real time on Instagram

Can you imagine a series that has no promotion, but promises to be the new phenomenon teen? So that's it Skam Spain in Movistar +, a series that goes one step further in the content transmedia, thanks to the Instagram accounts of his characters. Today, September 16, the first full chapter of the Spanish adaptation of a Norwegian series is released that has already become a viral phenomenon. And it does so with the pretense that its protagonists, devastate on Instagram.

Skam Spain tells the life of Eva Vázquez Villanueva (Alba Planas), a 16-year-old girl and her classmates from the point of view of teenagers. A life that is not always easy, as they told us in their first trailer.

A new way to reach the public teen

If you want to reach the generation millennial and Z, you have to speak in the language they speak. There is no point putting ads on the bus shelters, when the kids walk absorbed in their cell phones without raising their heads. Just as it does not work to put ads on TV when what teenegers look are the stories Instagram and the most viral YouTube videos.

Therefore Movistar has opted for a different action than what we are used to. They use what is called transmedia, a format that interacts with the characters and the story goes beyond the screen, using extra content to the series as such. A way for fans to see characters as real people. And that they want to get through Instagram.

The idea of ​​the chain is that this new adaptation, starring almost novel actors, reach your target audience in the best way they know: through social networks. Therefore characters (everybody) they have Instagram accounts. Eva, Lucas (Alejandro Reina) and Jorge (Tomy Aguilera), three of the protagonists of the series, have already started to feed their Instagram with photos and information in the purest style teen.

This connection that goes beyond the TV screen, is what has already hooked thousands of teenagers in the other versions that have been made. The possibility that the character (not the actor) interacts in this way, makes him a real person, with real stories and real problems.

The clips that are posted on the series web page are released in real timeFor example, on Monday, September 10, it was hung at 8.19 am Alone, the video of the return to the institute of Eva, one of the protagonists, and 11.36 am the clip The new one, where Eva meets Lara before starting a class.

All clips that appear on the web will end up culminating in a full episode and while, The characters will continue to post stories, videos and photos on their Instagram Like any person his age.

This way of increasing the hype with social networks it is not exclusive to Skam. There are other examples, such as the case of Black Lively and its promotion of A small favor. Just before its premiere, the actress left her Instagram account blank and began following Hope for Emily, a fictional profile (which already has 25 thousand followers) created to search for the missing Emily Nelson, his character in the movie.

Issues that matter to teenagers in 2018

Sexuality, the search for one's identity, racism, relationships, studies, fear, homosexuality, loneliness, friendship, harassment, religion, fun. They are some of the issues surrounding adolescence and that will be played in the Spanish version of Skam. Away from stereotypes, the series seeks to address issues that matter to the generation teen from the point of view of the protagonists themselves.

A series that, according to its director Domingo Corral, have adapted to a version with the problems of Spanish adolescents and from which We already know several of his characters: Eva, Jorge, Lucas, Viri, Lara, Amira, Nora and Inés are some of those that have already been seen in the Web.

The success of Skam in Norway

Female protagonists of the Norwegian version of Skam

The original series of Skam, issued in Norway from 2015 to 2017, it became a youth phenomenon thanks to his rogue point but with something that other youth series do not always manage to reflect: the reality of adolescence. No stereotypes. A real adolescence seen from the point of view of its protagonists.

Natural, fun and sincere, are some of the qualities that earned him to become a success. The other reason it became a viral phenomenon was that their stories were completed on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Messages, photos, clips or post of the characters were posted on the website in real time, just like the remake Spanish, to make the public more connected with the characters, according to statements by the Norwegian producer to ABC.

Starring Skam Austin, the American version of Skam

In the case of the version Skam austin, from the US, has already become one of the fiction content that has worked best on Facebook Watch, and there are versions in Italy, France, Holland and Germany.

Tonight at 9:30 p.m. in channel # 0 of Movistar +, arrives on first full chapter of Skam Spain, which will include the clips that have already been seen in the Web of the series and that already they have a community of fans eager to know more about this remake Spanish.

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