Le Diner en Blanc arrives in Madrid: this is what you have to know about the most chic event of the year

Tonight one of the most anticipated events to say goodbye to the summer is celebrated in Madrid. And probably the most chic. Le Diner en Blanc is an icon that has been celebrated for thirty years since the initiative in Paris emerged in 1988. Do you remember when we saw the protagonists of Gossip Girl hold a white party in the Hamptons in the first chapter of the second season? Well, that was Le Diner in Blanc.

Le Diner in Blanc is an event pop up With the aroma of Parisian picnic. In fact, it was in the French capital where it began to be celebrated, at first spontaneously and, over the years, already become a myth that has grown based on two concepts: the secrecy around the location and the omnipresence of the color white in decoration and outfits of the guests.

We cannot, therefore, tell you yet where Le Diner will be held in Blanc tonight in Madrid, but yes many other details about what promises to be one of the holidays of the year:

  • The dress, impeccably white: all guests must wear a rigorous white, although the organization clarifies that "welcomes spontaneity and originality". In case of rain (which would not cause the event to be canceled), guests are also asked to wear a white or transparent raincoat or umbrella.
  • Decoration and food, on behalf of the guests: being a secret event and pop up, it is the guests themselves who have to take everything. Y all It is a table, two chairs (preferably white), white tablecloth, white crockery, glass cups, cutlery, white cloth napkins, table decorations and candles. Disposable plates and cutlery are prohibited. They must also bring dinner (you can order the organization) and accompany it only by water, wine or champagne. Strong alcoholic drinks are prohibited.

  • The location, secret: It is an event that began to be known by word of mouth and to which social networks have given the final logistic push. Anyway, the location is never revealed (or filtered) before the indicated day. They are usually central places of the city, such as large parks or the surroundings of emblematic monuments. The event is not authorized, but city halls are usually tolerant of it because of the image it projects of the city.

  • The invitation, by recommendation: Or, as the organizers say, for "friendly cooptation." That is, it is necessary to meet a member of the organization to be invited. Once achieved, thirty euros are paid for the assistance and another six for membership of the association.

  • The rules, of strict compliance: arrive and leave by public transport, be impeccably punctual, collect in trash bags the remains that may have been left ... All the rules are aimed at the idea of ​​not causing discomfort in the city, or by traffic jams on arrival or by the lack of cleaning on departure.

Once all the information is known, the lucky guests just have to prepare for dinner in good company, enjoy the dance, shake the napkins in the air to start the event, close it between sparklers and go home with an unforgettable memory.

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