We tested the complete Résistance Extentioniste line by Kérastase, for much stronger and stronger hair

Having fine hair is something that conditions you a lot since the care you require is much greater than that of normal hair. And it is that we not only have to take care of the dyes, but that time like the summers do much more damage than normal. Therefore, today I come to talk about the Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste line that I had the opportunity to try this summer (and I continue in the fall) with which I am delighted.

A few months ago we talked about this line as the latest novelty that Kérastase joined its ranks, a real hair training program whose mission is strengthen it visibly from the roots to the ends, for a stronger and healthier mane, no split ends or breaks, since it takes care of them and repairs intensely, maintaining its best form so that you can let the hair grow without cutting.

I have already told you on other occasions, that for me Kérastase was a before and after in the hair. I have been using several of his lines (according to needs) for several years and I can not be more delighted since my hair is another, things as they are. Therefore, when this new line came into my hands, precisely I was already using the previous one of Resistance, so this new one It generated very good vibes for me.

Having the fine hair and dyed with wicks (no, I'm not a natural blonde ...) tends to break very easily. In addition derived from the use of dryer and irons, the tips open quite, so my hairdresser recommended the use of the previous line, with the shampoo and the repair cream.

Bain Extentioniste

Well, said which, I will talk about each product, starting with the Bain Extentioniste that, as for its description we are told that it is a Strengthening shampoo that enhances hair growth and strengthens it from the roots. In this way, weakened hair prone to breakage is strengthened as its internal structure is rebuilt and sealed to provide greater protection throughout its growth.

This Purifying shampoo is enriched with Creatine R, an active complex designed to increase strength and elasticity, and taurine, an amino acid that promotes a healthy scalp.

Since I started using this shampoo the difference was noticed. The so-called Kérastase baths are true treatments that not only thoroughly clean, but also they treat the hair noticing the effects in a short time.

I loved the shampoo because he not only has a wonderful aroma, It also leaves my hair very clean.

On the other hand I have my other great ally and the product that, along with the shampoo, I have used the most. Its about conditioner which is presented as a light cream that also constitutes a hair repair treatment, facilitates detangling Smoothly but effectively to facilitate combing and prevent breakage, rinse evenly and silky.

This enriched with ceramides and maleic acid, Instantly infuses weak brittle hair with active and healing particles that strengthen hair length.

And it is a product that only has to be left for a minute with which I can soften the hair, help untangle me without jerks (so that the hair is also not broken), and all this without adding weight or dirtying, also applies only from means to ends.

The mask is a very good product, things as they are but requires your time since it is necessary to have it in the hair about five minutes and, let's be frank, in the morning it is a luxury to leave the mask five minutes, clarify and others, in the end we end up relegating it for weekends or days with more time.

It is a product that we describe as ideal for brittle and weakened hair, since this intense restorative mask penetrates the hair to treat and restore the fiber and restore a healthy shine thanks to the Creatine R assets and maleic acid reinforce the hair fiber and seal the tips open and breakage is avoided allowing the hair to reach an ideal length.

As I say, the soil uses once or twice a week and when I do it shows since the hair gains hydration and looks brighter and healthy. I would like to use it more frequently, things as they are, but as I say, it is a matter of saving my morning time.

We can find it for about € 24.

And finally, we have the Serum Extentioniste Resistance, a highly concentrated serum with key active ingredients that stimulate strong and healthy hair follicles, reinforcing the roots and promoting a healthy scalp environment.

Its non-greasy formula harnesses the power of ceramide and plant extracts to protect the scalp from environmental aggressors while stimulating and invigorating the roots. Applied with a gentle scalp massage, It is ideal to stimulate and activate healthy hair growth to achieve strong and long hair.

It is a product with an eyedropper, which you have to take very little and give yourself a massage so that it penetrates well. It is absorbed at the moment and is not fatty or dirty, so we can be calm.


As for the results, I will speak together since, as I have used them all at once, I really would not know how to differentiate. It really is a treatment as a whole, so, as you can imagine, the results are more visible than the individual use of each.

In total I have been using the entire treatment for almost three months, in fact, I have already bought a new shampoo because soon I run out first. I feel my hair quite stronger, healthier and the tips are not as thin as they used to be, nor brittle, I barely have some open (before it was quite common in most), although it is also true that in summer I always use less drying tools, although I also spend more time with a bun, things as they are.

As for the hair growing more, I honestly don't believe it, I still have more or less the same rhythm, I usually grow quite fast, so it is not something that worries me too much. What I do believe is that, being more suitable for long hair, at take care of the tips, seal them, strengthen them and give them a healthier appearance, if it seems to be longer, because it is not refined and, moreover, as it is not so necessary to cut it.

In fact, today, after spending the summer in beaches, swimming pools, with many braces (as I tell you), and a lot of sun, I have pretty good hair, not so much color, I have to go to touch up, but I know that my hairdressers are going to tell me that I have it great, because I feel it as healthier.

Maybe at this point in the summer and with the color in poor condition, I would need an extra hydration, but it is normal given the time of year and it is still hot and it has dried out, but of appearance and closely examining each hair I have it better than other years at this point in the game.

Thus, I think it is a highly recommended line for those with long, brittle hair. And if I had to choose two of the products, I would definitely keep the shampoo and conditioner.

Have you tried this line yet?

The product was provided for testing by Kérastase. You can check our company relations policy for more information