Red carpet

Kristen Stewart and Margaret Qualley: very different styles to present the film 'Seberg' at the Venice Film Festival 2019

Venice she is the protagonist these days and her film Festival It has the "fault". Endless faces known from the film industry - and from star system in general- they meet through its streets full of canals to publicize the movies that will invade Our cinemas coming soon. This morning, Kristen Stewart and Margaret Qualley They have been the main protagonists in presenting their latest film 'Seberg'.

Zazie Beetz

With a butterfly print and betting on the play of volumes of her dress, the actress Zazie Beetz It has been one of today's favorites for its originality.

Margaret Qualley by Christian Dior

Margaret Qualley is under the radar of many firms and all thanks to its role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood from Quentin Tarantino. Andie MacDowell's daughter follows in her footsteps and this morning she has dressed in a beautiful Dior printed word of honor dress.

Kristen Stewart de Chanel and Brunello Cucinelli

Kristen Stewart will soon become one of the new Charlie's Angels, but it is also the protagonist of this new film called "Seberg" that deals with the life of Jean Seberg, the icon of the French Nouvelle Vague that came to be spied on by American intelligence and now celebrates 40 years of his suicide.

For the occasion the actress has opted for a short-sleeved sweater from Chanel with high-rise pants from Brunello Cucinelli.