The military trend is not out: Zara says it with its new revolution, Zara SRPLS

Just when you think that a trend is completely finished and that you have already taken enough, the brands come to renew the look completely and make it completely desirable again. It has happened to us with the animal print and the same thing will happen to us with the military trend. Zara announces "a new mission, a new perspective" to launch a collection that will be launched on November 15. Zara SRPLS.

So recover the bombers, combat boots, double-breasted military coats, the khaki color and add an oversize touch and military uniform for a complete collection that is that interesting.

Inspired by how assimilates the military in everyday style, how these garments are a comfortable way of dressing that many musicians and actors dress in their day to day as a form of transgression, Zara reinvents this trend that we have seen a thousand times inventing new proportions, details, textures and colors that combine perfectly with each other. A collection that will be renewed weekly with new clothes but that Zara wants to promote with a different label.

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