Do you also want to cook to be happy but you lack time? Alexa comes to your rescue

Cooking to be happy is a trend, eat healthy instead of dieting, enjoy the process as much as the result ... but we don't always have time for crazy things foodies or plan meals. Recipe websites and apps have been our salvation for years. Voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, now take over.

To have Alexa in our kitchens we will only need one of the Amazon Echo smart speakers available in Spain: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Spot. The last one has an integrated screen, in case we want listen and see the recipes at the same time.

How do we find a recipe with Alexa?

We can forget about getting dirty tablets or smartphones with our grease or flour stained fingers when we unlock the screen or want to check the ingredients again. The end of being continuously with one eye in the recipe and another in the casserole. Now we can put our hands in the dough without regrets. We just have to download the Alexa app on your mobile phone and ask, through any Amazon Echo, to open the skill, that we have previously activated, and look for the recipe.

A skill It is an app developed specifically for Alexa. Direct to the Palate and Nestlé Kitchen has adapted its renowned expertise Culinary to the latest technological innovation in the world of cooking. Both have selected 800 recipes, among the most sought after of their respective platforms, of simple and delicious dishes especially for Alexa. Whether we are looking for different dishes to surprise our friends or want to try something fast but healthy for any day of the week, we can find it.

The skill Direct to the Palate and Nestlé Kitchen allows you to search for recipes, browse categories or ingredients, and also offers menus adapted to specific needs, from vegetarian or gluten-free dishes. It will be very useful for those days when we only have two eggs and an artichoke canister in our fridge, since it will provide us with all the variations available with the ingredients we have. The voice assistant explain your level of difficulty, time of completion, ingredients that we need and, of course, the elaboration step by step.

If we don't want to cook at the same time, we can Download the recipes that interest us and save them in the Alexa app of our mobile phone to activate them later. We can also pause a recipe and retrieve it later from the exact point where we were cooking.

Who can help the 'skill' of Direct to the palate and Nestlé Kitchen

Addicted to technology

Were you the first of your friends to have a smartwatch, Are you up to date with the latest apps that appear and can't live without your Smart TV? Without a doubt, you are one early adopter If you test all technological trends with passion, you'll already know the Amazon Echo long-range voice-controlled speakers. With them you can turn your kitchen into the epicenter of your digital home.

With the agenda full

If you need the days to last more than 24 hours, it is clear that you do not have much time to search for recipes online. With your own kitchen assistant, while you prepare all the ingredients on the counter, Alexa will already be telling you the recipes available to make a quick and healthy dinner, or dare with a birthday cake. If there is any allergic or intolerant in the family, you will not have to think about what you can substitute forbidden foods. The skill Direct to the Palate and Nestlé Kitchen has thought about it for you.

Our parents

They are the generation among which WhatsApp voice messages have triumphed the most. Not only because they like to talk. Voice assistants make it easy for you to use technology without learning commands or remembering the necessary keys. If you can't think of what to give to your mother or father this Christmas, think about the recipes you can prepare just by asking Alexa.

Technological revolution

Digitization has changed our habits inside and outside the home. Thanks to smart speakers it is easier to use voice assistants, for which more and more companies are developing services. We can now listen to the news, get information about the weather, check that the lights or television turn on or off, listen to music, set an alarm, answer the phone, save lists and events on the calendar, answer any questions and, now, Search and follow recipes without using your hands.

He will not be as spontaneous as Jamie Oliver, nor will he have the look of Jordi Cruz, but to have an interactive chef, thanks to the skill Direct to the palate and Nestlé for Alexa, will fill our kitchen with delicious creativity. And with less distractions.