12 hair accessories that can save your New Year's Eve look

I guess I'm not the only one who leaves many things for the last minute (and not because I want to, I assure you). If you are mine, I have prepared a selection with hair accessories that can save your look tonight or any other special occasion. All are currently for sale, so I recommend you get some of them, because It is always good to have these accessories in our wardrobe.

Velvet Turban Headband with elastic rubber and top with knot. 12.95 euros.

Sequin turban with knot on the leopard effect front. It has elastic at the bottom. 49 euros

Satin turban headband with embroidery and beads and top with knot. 15.95 euros.

Hawksbill effect hairpins and in plain colors. 5.99 euros.

Golden clip design. 9 euros

Geometric hair pin. 5.99 euros.

Feather-shaped forks. 1.62 euros.

Forks with glitter. 4.99 euros.

Metal headband. 5.99 euros (the set of two).

Rigid sequin headband. 7.99 euros.

Coletero in rose gold. 3.99 euros.

Leopard print tie. 5.99 euros.

Do you usually use this type of accessories ?. Which would you choose for tonight?