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The Monopoly of 'Game of Thrones', that of 'Friends' and 7 other thematic versions of the mythical board game that are a great gift

We came in the final stretch of Christmas. Although the fattest has already happened, there is still the best: the day of Kings. If at this point you still do not know what to give or ask what they give you, these Monopoly boards inspired by television series and movies, they are a real insurance to have a great time with family or with friends.


The game includes six pieces of players representing each of the gang members of New York friends: A dinosaur to play as Ross, a bag to be Rachel, a pizza for Joey ... On the board are the most famous locations in the series and of course, Central Perk is not missing.

Game of Thrones

From Game of Thrones Board game. The new version comes with new features that make it even more epic. More concretely, a throne-shaped metal card holder which plays the tune of the series. Another detail is that the money is based on the real currency of fiction and player tokens in the Great Houses. It will go on sale this month. Meanwhile, you can still buy the first edition of this particular Monopoly.

Stranger Things

In this Monopoly inspired by the original Netflix series, Will Byers has also disappeared. your token as a player can be a retro object out of the eighties or the world of reverse. In addition to being able to sell and buy places and cars in the series, the game includes Walkie Talkie and Flashing Lights instead of the traditional Luck and Community Box cards.

Big bang theory

With this board inspired by the life of the most famous group of scientists on television, touring the streets of sunny Pasadena is possible without leaving home. Personalized money, Fortune Cookie and Coexistence Contract letters which replace the Luck and Community Box cards. Includes 7 collectible metal tokens with Sheldon's site, Leonard's glasses or the Howard Space Helmet, among other mythical references of the series.

Adventure Time

Absurd and eccentric humor for the whole family. Both the board and the chips and characters are designed based on the Land of Ooo. You can scroll through Phenomenon City, House of the Lumpy Princess, Village of the Suavecitos ... And the chips have the shape of the characters: Jake, Finn, the Bubblegum Princess, the Ice King's crown, Trompi and the Bultos space princess.

The Lord of the rings

A game board with Middle Earth Map designs. Tickets and cards are personalized. In this version of Monopoly we have the bad cards and the good cards. In addition, hotels have been replaced by strengths. There is also another version of The Hobbit.

The Simpsons

The game is a true "must have" for any fan of the long series of drawings. It includes 8 of the adorable characters of the Simpsons in tin. The board collects the most recognized places in Springfield as well as the humor that characterizes its episodes.

The walking dead

In this zombie version of Monopoly, players have to compete for bines and real estate to survive. It has six collectible tokens and an optional speed mode.

Nightmare Before Christmas

It is in English and, in addition to coming personalized with the places and characters of the famous Tim Burton classic, with him we can, in addition to playing with Jack and Sally, buy the best pantheons and the best graves.

Photo: Hasbro

Friends Monopoly Board Game

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Game of Thrones Monopoly - Edition (82905)

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Hasbro Monopoly from Stranger Things

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Monopoly The Big Bang Theory (Spanish Edition)

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Monopoly The Hobbit - Board game based on The Hobbit

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Adventure Time Monopoly Board Game

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Monopoly The Nightmare Before Christmas - English

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The Walking Dead Monopoly Board Game

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